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Alien Invasion and Alien Terrorism.

Alien Terrorism is the prelude to Alien invasion.


Our destruction by a ruthless alien invasion ( aka terrorists ), was rumoured through the mass media, denoting September 29th, 2004, as the date of an alien invasion. We had also been watching a 'documentary' about numerous alien spacecraft sightings.

Our family debated how this alien invasion would come. Initially we were thinking alien warfare would be like our warfare. We would see our alien enemy.

However, given the aliens have interplanetary space flight, their alien weapons would have to be at least 50 years more advanced than ours (NASA will have nuclear powered spacecraft by the end of this decade). By setting up satellites way out in space, beyond our reach and perhaps beyond our detection, the aliens would be able to target us while we slept in bed. Within one rotation of the earth, the vast majority of us would be killed in our sleep by the alien bombardment. The problem with this alien war scenerio, as with most hollywood scenerios, is it's intensive in action, high in energy expenditure and it has an obvious alien invasion at hand, that can be identified as being out there.

However, my wife said the alien invaders would just have to place a virus into the air. Consider how paranoid the super powers of this Earth are now, with the idea that someone or group on our own planet might engage in biological warfare. Iraq was wiped out for the thought that they may possess biological (virus/bacteria) weapons. The government of Great Brittain, only a few days ago, decided to spend millions of pounds to notify all of its inhabitants in writing, to begin stockpiling water and canned food, because the threat of a biological attack by a terrorist group had become so real.

No need for big booming alien guns and alien tactical assault spaceships, nor powerful alien lasers bombarding the earth, nor alien laser pistols being carried by alien assault forces. Now we are to be killed by alien invaders with bacteria and viruses that they throw into the air or drop into our water.

So, given how cheap and effective the biological weapons are, how even human terrorists can remain faceless and even be inocculated against these terrible things - laughing at their enemy while the enemy die all around them, it stands to reason that an alien invasion would follow the same path. After all, why would the alien invaders risk losing their own soldiers in a battle they don't even have to fight? Consider the Iraqi war, a small number of Iraqi soldiers were positioned in a small building, rather than risk their own soldiers in flushing them out, the Americans just called in the artillery to wipe the Iraqi position out. So we should expect no different from the alien invaders.

Let us assume that the alien biological weapon has been carefully tailored by it's alien creators to attack us humans. Let us further assume that the alien weapon has at least a 99% kill rate. So, out of every 100 humans, only one will be left alive. A city of 5 million souls becomes a city of 50,000 with 4,950,000 bodies.

What then awaits that 50,000?

At this time there is no indication to mankind of an alien attack. We put it down to unknown terrorists or, more likely, a natural outbreak. So there is no sense of an alien enemy to be fought, to rally the remaining humans and defences against.

The first thoughts of the humans unaffected by the alien virus, involve survival. A supermarket's dairy, meat, deli and fresh foods wont last more than a week or two before the food goes off. So after two weeks your left with the frozen food, dry foods and canned foods. If the electricity shuts down, for example, the coal burning generators run out of coal, which presumably wouldn't take long, perhaps a day at most, then the frozen food section goes down, leaving only canned and dry foods. Also, when the electricity fails, the water pumps stop pumping water through the city, so bottled water becomes the only safe water source - given that 80 people would consume about 160 litres of drinking water a day, that supermarket is going to run out very, very fast. Dry within a few days. (Why 80 people? Well, in a town of about 24,000 people, you will have three large supermarkets. One percent of 24,000 is 240. 240/3 is 80.)

If electricity is maintained for a few more days or weeks, for example through hydro electricity, the water still becomes unsafe, as the chemicals added to the water to make it safe runs out, letting contaminated water run through the pipes. Why contaminated? That's why they use the chlorine now. Water has never been a safe drink - people drinking water have died from water born viruses and bacteria for at least the past few hundred years - I don't see when it would have ever been different. Also, there is nothing to stop the aliens from dropping toxins into the water reserves.

So, safe drinking water ends with the last bottle of bottled water.

Into the second or third week of the alien assault, the stench and disease from the rotting 4,950,000 human bodies would be pretty obvious. With 99 bodies to every 1 person living, burning them is highly unlikley because of the risk from handling the dead and the risk of the fire spreading. Besides, when you're focused on survival, who has time to spend so much time gathering their 'share' of the dead and burying them? Rat and cockroach numbers would be flourishing. Most people alive would likely be trying to leave the cities to find more food and avoid the stench and impending plagues. A few would likely try to survive in the inner city, away from the suburbs and the corpses, not realising the vermon will enter the inner city looking for food as the meat is devoured, bringing with them plagues of different illnesses.

I suspect the city would be devoid of all human life within a few short months.

This scenario assumes the aliens are after a rapid kill rate, but as the aliens are intelligent, they will likely use a slower acting virus, one that kills in about two to three weeks. That way, the living will be focused on saving their loved ones, feeding their loved ones ... that way, even more of those who survive the biological alien assault will be much less likely to survive themselves, as they have used up basically all the food and water in the city before their loved ones have even died. Human attachment to each other would be perfect for using against us by aliens. With so many of us dying, there would be no one to power/repair the generators, bring new food in... Petrol pumps stop working when the generators go down as well, so it becomes longer and harder to extract petrol - manually of course. Also, the petrol supplies are not being replenished over the period when everyone, including the few remaining drivers, are focused on keeping their kin alive. So the petrol just runs out.

Most people escaping the alien virus and outliving their loved ones, then make for the countryside, but being so unfamiliar with survival, many would then perish in the countryside. Food takes months to grow, few would know what to eat off the land. The large grain fed cattle stations would be void of life, as the cattle would die of starvation from not being fed.

Is anywhere safe? No. The aliens would deposit the virus in a multitude of locations to wipe us out. How would the aliens deploy the virus? To avoid detection they might use transporter technology. Our human scientists are already able to transport very tiny particles, such as that found in light, using transporter technology (you know, like the Star Trek beam me up thingy). So, add another fifty years to our technology, transporting a virus that way should be feasible. So it would be feasible to the invading aliens now. Even if transporter technology is still not that efficent in fifty years in our technology, low flying stealth probes, which we could not detect, could easily disperse the virus quickly and effiently throughout our atmosphere and or water ways - but air would be the easiest to contaminate and something we do all breathe after all.

Now these aliens are smarter than this yet again, rather than just use one virus with 99+% kill rate, the aliens add another virus which then kills another 99+%. So the 50,000 who survived one virus is then reduced to 500. Add another virus and you bring that 500 down to five. Australia is reduced to a population of around 15 to 20 souls - extinction time for the human species. To be on the safe side, the alien invaders add a fourth virus to their cocktail, which presumably kills just about all of us off around the world, not quite all of us, but so close to all of us that it doesn't really matter.

The advantage of the alien multiple cocktail approach is that it assures virtual extinction in a short period of time and makes it much harder for any scientest to work out exactly what they are trying to fight within the two to three weeks they are left to live in. The alien invasion is achieved then in a matter of weeks.

Why would this slightly more technologically advanced alien species want to wipe us out? Invariably the aliens want our wealth and or energy supplies. Contrary to popular belief, it is now realised in scientific circles that oil is a renewable resource:

"The theory ... Crude oil forms as a natural inorganic process which occurs between the mantle and the crust, somewhere between 5 and 20 miles deep ... Methane (CH4) is a common molecule ... huge concentrations exist at great depth in the Earth ... At the mantle-crust interface ... rapidly rising streams of compressed methane-based gasses hit pockets of high temperature causing the condensation of heavier hydrocarbons [ crude oil ] ... Some compressed methane-based gasses migrate into pockets and reservoirs we extract as "natural gas."

Our core is molten, super heated - hot! Many other planets wont generate oil, or only very little, because the alien planet's core may have cooled too much - ours will eventually cool down too - the aliens no longer have oil being replenished. So oil for the aliens may be a big issue, particularly if the alien planet has poor alternate energy sources - remember the aliens are only perhaps 50+ years more advanced than us. The aliens may want our water, trees, perhaps even use our planet for tourist reasons - the last remaining humans could be rounded up and put in alien zoos or stuffed and sent to alien museums.

Another type of alien invasion uses the asteroids and commets in our own solar system. By chosing one or two bigger ones, the aliens just have to nudge them correctly, so as to alter the asteroids orbit to ram the earth. Again, the advantage to the aliens is no loss of their alien life, minimal expenditure of resources to achieve mass destruction and, the aliens remain faceless. Yes life on earth ends as we know it, but our mineral and oil reserves remain intact. By the time our planet's atmosphere clears, the aliens drop by to colonise.

Alien invasion is fiction? Didn't Hitler try wiping out the Jews and take their wealth. Has man's biological and genetic makeup evolved so much in 60 years? So why should we think the aliens would be any different to Hitler.

Is such an alien invasion likely? Do you think an alien invasion is likely? If nothing else, aliens are an interesting topic for discussion.


My feeling on the matter is that Aliens, out there, will never visit us, nor we them.

My basis of reasoning is thus: An alien planet, to use Star Trek terms, has to be a class M planet, we all know that means life supporting similiar to Earth. Science tells us there has to be more class m planets out there with life.

So why haven't we met an older civilisation? If you ignore the prime directive of no contact, which is culturally based in science fiction, not necessarily reality, why haven't we had confirmed contact? Or even a radio or tv signal or some such?

Perhaps why we don't get a response back or pick up the receiver and hear something, because there are no thriving older civilisations? For life to evolve according to science we need a young planet with the primordial soup ingredients for life. The problem with such planets is that they are geologically unstable - True? Let's look at the Earth, Dinosaurs extinct. A species only exists for a million years or so before beoming extinct. The planet goes through climate change on a number of occassions. At the moment we seem to be warming up. Our water reserves are failing, lakes are drying up, agricultural lands in drought. If this continues, our species will become almost extinct - certainly not large enough in population to continue space exploration and such.

Lets suppose though we colonised the moon and mars, but with earth out of the picture, these colonies will be at best, grappling to survive. They certainly wont be in a position to reach out any further if earth isn't here to support them.

So, simply, as it looks like we are destined to have our technological progress come to an end, perhaps quite soon, it is reasonable to consider the same fate has happened quite often on other planets that evolve intelligent life. We don't hear from them, because their world became inhospitable, like ours appears to be becoming.

Don't take me seriously, these are my rambling thoughts, I don't know why we haven't heard back.

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